Psalm Bible Study (Worshiping God)

Psalm 93, The Sovereignty of God

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In our country we have many different people take office. Different people take the office of president every four or eight years. We have different people take office in Congress every two and six years. Everyone must be elected into office. However, God has always been enthroned. God did not take office. He is the permanent king. The psalmist is going to describe the nature of God’s rule as king. During the second temple period this psalm was sung before the Sabbath.

The Lord Reigns As King (93:1-2)

He is robed in majesty. The first point is that God and his kingdom are covered in majesty. He is fully of dignity, sovereign power, stateliness, and grandeur. “Robed in majesty” means that all of God’s works are glorious. One of the scenes of majesty revealed to us in scriptures is Isaiah 6:1-4 as Isaiah sees in a vision the majesty of God and his throne. Isaiah was so distraught by God’s majesty and holiness that he cried out that he is ruined because of his own uncleanness.

He is enveloped in strength.The second characteristic noted is the power and strength of God. God is armed with strength. His majesty is not a show. His power is not a facade or a deception. God truly has power. His power undergirds his rule.

The world and his throne are firmly established.This highlights the immovable and unchangeable nature of God. His rule has been from everlasting. His throne has always been established. He always has been in charge. The emphasis is not on God existing eternally (which is true) but on his eternal rule. God has existed eternally and therefore his rule exists eternally.

The Lord Is Greater Than Creation (93:3-4)

Verse 3 is intended for us to picture in our minds the power and sounds of flooding waters. One of my favorite childhood memories is our annual beach vacation. When we arrived at our rental, I would open the car door and the first thing I would hear is the crash of the waves. It is a fantastic sound that those on the coast of the Atlantic do not get to hear. The Pacific Ocean with its 5-8 foot waves makes an amazing crashing sound. You cannot stop a wave. Stand in the ocean and try to stop a wave. Dive under a wave and you will feel its power as it tosses you every direction. Stand in the face of the wave and you will be moved backward.

Mightier than the roaring waves, the crashing seas, and flowing rivers is the might of the Lord. Though the waters rise up and pound, destroying the seashore and people’s property, the Lord is mightier. God is greater, stronger, and mightier than anything in creation that we think is powerful. The first point we are to learn from these images of God’s majesty and power is that he is in charge. The world is not out of God’s control. Though the world is out of our control and the world seems out of control, God is powerful and majestic. He remains in control.

The Lord’s Rule (93:5)

The final verse tells us two things about God’s rule. First, his laws stand firm. His laws are trustworthy and completely reliable. They do not change. One of the frustrating things about the tax code in this country is that the rules are always changing. You buy a tax program this year and it is completely obsolete next year. God’s statutes never change. They are reliable and trustworthy. God’s word given through the revelation of the Holy Spirit is like a foundation on which you can build your life. It is stable and true. God’s word is the unchanging foundation to learn and obey.

Second, God is holy, his house is holy, and we are his house. The psalmist says that holiness adorns God’s house forever. Holiness is the beauty of the house of God. We must live in holiness if we are going to live in God’s house. His laws are firm and trustworthy. Listen to his word and do as he teaches. Be separate from the world and have changed lives for Christ. God is holy. Therefore we must be holy in our conduct (1 Peter 1:15).

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