It is our desire to continually provide spiritual resources free of charge to everyone. This page is NOT a request of funds from any who use our site. We believe that the hearing of God’s word and receiving spiritual resources must be free. This site and all of its resources are completely free for use and distribution. We never charge for sermons or materials and we never will.

We recognize that many people use electronic payment systems to pay their bills, no longer carrying cash or using checks. As a matter of expediency, this page is intended to make it easier for those who are part of the family at the West Palm Beach church of Christ to set aside and give each first day of the week, as described in 1 Corinthians 16:1-2. We see giving back to the Lord as a wonderful blessing given to us by God. Electronic giving makes it easier for each of us to do this every first day of the week. Your contribution can be made through Zelle or PayPal apps or websites, making the recipient.

If you are not part of the spiritual family at the West Palm Beach church of Christ and desire to contribute, you are welcome to do so. Please know that we will use the funds you give to continue to spread the gospel not only in the Palm Beach area but also around the world through this website. We again want to emphasize that this site and its resources are completely free to use and this page exists simply so that the family can give on the first day of the week.

We take great joy in knowing that you find this website useful for your spiritual growth and walk with God.

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