About us

At the West Palm Beach Church of Christ, your spiritual journey and questions are welcomed. We are not part of any denomination, organization, religious group, or convention. We are simply Christians. We only do what the Bible says, studying it and worshiping God like Jesus’ first followers.

A Community for All

We’re here to share Christ’s love in a friendly, accessible environment where everyone, regardless of belief or knowledge level, can explore God’s word. Our commitment is to share these truths with everyone in Palm Beach County and to address the spiritual needs of individuals and families alike.

Join Us in Learning and Worship

Whether you’re exploring faith for the first time, seeking answers, or have followed Jesus for years, there’s a place for you here. We invite you to learn, grow, and find community with us.
Please note that it may be a few days or a few weeks before someone responds due to the overwhelming amount of emails that are received.
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