1 Peter Bible Study (Hope In Hard Times)

REWIND: 1 Peter – A Living Hope


God has given us a new birth. The idea of a birth has a number of implications. “Born again” tells us that we are a new person, belonging to a new family, and having new relationships. We get a new start in life. This new birth has been achieved through the resurrection of Jesus.

We have been born into two great things by God’s great mercy: a living hope and into an inheritance. In hard times we have a living hope. We live in a world that is often called hopeless. A hopeless world of despair is often how many people feel about life. The Christian, however, has hope that is alive and of immense value. We have something to set our eyes upon when life becomes full of suffering and difficulty. We have a hope that is not based on the futile things of this world. Our hope is not in this country. Our hope is not in its financial system. Our hope is built upon the resurrection of Jesus.

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