Called (Finding Your God-Given Purpose)

REWIND: Called To Hope


We seem to gravitate to this time of the year. I think the reason that we gravitate to this time of year is that there is hope. We have hope for the new year to not be like the last year. We have hope that things could be different in the future. There are many times in the year when we are not hopeful for our future but feel that the future is bleak and dark. But there is something about this time of year where the future brings a feeling of hope.

But our short term memory causes to forget something very depressing. You had this same hope at the end of last year and how did this year go? And you had this hope at the end of the prior year and had did that next year go? I am not trying to cause depression, since this is “the most wonderful time of the year.” The point I am making is that we observe our desire to desperately grasp at hope even when there is truly no real basis for grasping for it. We have wired in us a need for hope. In particular we grasp for future hope…

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