Becoming a Person After God’s Own Heart (50 Days With David)

REWIND: Life’s Highs and Lows (1 Samuel 18-22)


There was a long running program that was on while I was a child on ABC called Wide World of Sports. I loved watching the introduction to the show each week. The voice would describe the great athletes in the sporting world. Then, it would come to this part: “The thrill of victory….” The screen would show an athlete nailing a perfect ten in gymnastics. But then the voice continued, “…and the agony of defeat.” The screen would then show this ski jumper falling down the jump, head first over the edge, skis in every direction, wiping out all the way down the mountain. The statement encompasses the highs and lows of life. Sometimes you are standing on the peak with the thrill of victory. Sometimes you are down on your back dealing with the agony of defeat. It is amazing how quickly we can move from a peak to a valley…

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