Psalms Bible Study (Worshiping God)

REWIND: Psalm 97, The Lord Reigns… And Why It Matters


Psalm 97 begins with the declaration that the Lord reigns. The rest of the psalm tells everyone why it matters that the Lord reigns. What should it mean for how we live our lives when we understand that the Lord reigns? Sometimes people will flippantly make statements about the reign of the Lord, not realizing the impact this is supposed to make. For example, for a long time I have heard people say that they did not need to study the book of Revelation because the message is simply, “God wins.” While I do not agree that this is the only message of the book, we must recognize that the message, “God wins,” is supposed to mean something to us and change how we live. If God wins and God reigns, then what does that look like in the earth and what does that look like in our lives? Psalm 97 helps us understand this…

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