About Us

We are simply Christians.

We do not belong to any denomination, organization, religious group, or convention. We are completely independent from all churches.

We believe that a person can know God’s will by simply reading the Bible.

We do only what the Bible says… nothing more, nothing less.

We desire to share the love of Christ by being a warm and friendly group where any person can learn about God.

We desire to share the simple truth of God’s word to every person in Palm Beach County.

We encourage people to study the Bible and do what the Bible says.

We seek to address the spiritual needs of the entire family: children, teenagers, and adults.

We desire the salvation of every soul.

Whether you do not think you believe in God, are looking to answer questions about God, just started following Jesus, or have followed Jesus for years, there is a place for you at the West Palm Beach church.

How can we help you?

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